Friday, February 6, 2009

Frugal School Snacks

At my daughter's preschool, the parents take turns bringing in snacks - it averages out to 3 or 4 times for the entire school year, so pretty inexpensive. However, I discovered this week how I could save even more money.

I always let my daughter decide what she wants to bring and she decided on cookies. So, while we were at the grocery I picked up a container of cookies - she said to me "no mom, not those, I want cookies with pink frosting and sprinkles," I walked over to the bakery, but all the cookies had that potential nut exposure which is a no-no at her school. So, I thought to myself - we'll just make cookies.

The night before she brought snack, we baked sugar cookies together, iced them and put on sprinkles. I didn't have to buy ANYTHING for the snack - I had all the ingredients already at home.

In addition, thanks to I had scored some free Ocean Spray juice at Target.

Just taking a few minutes to plan ahead saved us $5 and created a fun afternoon!

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Jeff said...

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