Thursday, February 5, 2009

One room a month!

This year I'd really like to get my house finished (decorating) and organized. I'm not in bad shape, but why not get things in great shape and keep myself from falling behind? I'd really like to take the time this year to do those extra little touches that make a home special. So, I've decided to attack a room a month!

January - Kitchen
February - Master Bedroom
March - Home Office
April - Bathrooms
May - Guest Room and Laundry Room
June - Screened in porch/ outdoors
July - Kids rooms
August - Linen closet and hall closet
September - Dining Room
October - Family room and Basement Media room
November - Storage room
December - Nothing - just enjoy the holidays in my organized home!

Sound like a plan? I'll periodically post what I'm working on (perhaps with pictures) and how I'm doing things inexpensively. I'm excited about the project!

In the next few days I'll share how I handled the kitchen - that was accomplished in January as well as what I'm working on for the Master Bedroom.

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