Thursday, July 15, 2010

Back to Normal?

Well, last week was our "grown up" trip to Vegas. Lots of fun, but glad to be back home with the kiddos. I've had lots of stomach problems since I returned and today went to the doctor - apparently one of the problems with normally eating healthy, fresh foods is that when you don't, your body lets you know!

She assured me I'd be feeling like myself again within a few more days of our normal schedule.

Now that I'm back from being gone five weeks of the summer, the house is in shambles. So, my current goals are:

1. To get things back in order - one room at a time is my plan.
2. Get us back on a normal routine.
3. Have some fun with the family for the rest of the summer!

Last night while fixing dinner, I cleaned (and decluttered) the breakfast nook. It's probably the smallest room I have to clean, but I figured a quick "win" would feel good and hopefully keep me moving forward! Tonight I attack the kitchen - I've not yet been to the grocery as I have plenty of meat in the freezer and food in the pantry, but that will have to change soon, so I plan to get ready!

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