Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I did it! Unbelievable but I finished everything on my to do list this weekend. The house is in so much better shape. I do need to clean a bit, but as for organization, I nailed it. Plus, in the process I gathered two big trashbags of items for Goodwill, two large tupperware containers and a bag for our next garage sale, and a nice sized pile of items to list on Craigslist. I'll have to keep track of how much money I "make" from my work this weekend!

I also made a batch of freezer jam from some fresh raspberries last night. I used Ponoma Pectin and a bit of honey for a sweetener, and it jelled up perfectly. The jam is a beautiful red and will be so nice this winter when we don't have fresh berries everyday.

One of my summer goals has been to improve our eating habits. I've been slowly moving away from more processed foods and getting us eating more whole foods. I don't want to overwhelm the family, so little steps. It's hard for me to pass up the "deals" at the grocery, but I know just because something is inexpensive, that's still no reason to buy it! Later this week, I'll post more about my plans for healthier eating and the steps I'm taking.

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