Saturday, July 30, 2011

$162 profit!!!

Yeah!!! After paypal and ebay fees, I cleared $162 this month - very exciting! And I got rid of a pile of items just sitting around in my office waiting to be cleared out. A few outfits didn't sell - I'll try them again next month along with a few toys and things I've gathered. Some of my best auctions were a lot of 11 Junie B. Jones books (my husband picked them up at a garage sale for 50 cents each) that we had duplicates of - sold for $18!!! My other great sell was a wallet (Vera Bradley) that I used for a season and sold for $23. Granted it was double that new, but I wasn't using it anymore and it was still in great shape, so better $23 than $3 at a garage sale!

It was fun and easy thanks to tips from Yard Sale Mommy! If you are interested in selling items on ebay, I highly recommend her site!

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