Wednesday, November 5, 2008

November Focus

My birthday is in November, so I thought this month I would focus on me. This one will be a fun one for me (obviously) and will hopefully encourage some balance in my life. That is something that has really been missing since I started my current project at work back in July. Luckily, the project ends this week, so I can jump in feet first next week.

My goals:

1. Select and start a new personal improvement book. I've been writing down tons of titles over the last few months, so I'm going to head to the library this weekend and pick one out. I love these and think you can really glean some good information but it can also be overwhelming if you try to read/ implement too many at once. This will be my month to try one out and if I like it, I may continue to "do" a few a year - one at a time of course!

2. Take some time each week to relax. I'm terrible at this one - if I have free time I find something that needs done. So, each week I'm scheduling some "me" time in my planner - even 1/2 hour enjoying a coffee and a magazine will help improve my frame of mind.

3. Get up earlier. I've been working so many late nights that I haven't been good at this. Getting up late throws the whole day off - we start out rushing and never slow down.

4. Make my office more of a "haven". I started this back in September with my new chair, and by cleaning it out, but it's still such a "drop zone." Since I spend so much time there, I'd really like to organize and make it an enjoyable place to be.

5. Take better care of myself - consistent work outs, watching what I eat, etc. In fact, thanks to Halloween last week our household is overrun with candy, so my husband and I plan on cleaning out the pantry of junk this weekend one night after the kids go to bed. We'll freeze most of the chocolate, put away a small bowl for "treats" and send the rest to school for the teacher's candy jar.

I'll try to post updates as the month goes along.

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