Sunday, November 2, 2008

October Goals Re-cap

Well, time for my accountability! Not to make excuses but I did have to go on 3 business trips this month, so my schedule was very off . . . that being said, I didn't do too bad:

1. Take a travel writing class through continuing education. Completed - fun and easy online class.
2. Complete and submit three query letters. Completed but haven't submitted, however I did submit a travel article to Associated Press.

3. Investigate different blog ideas (i.e. weekly posts, series, revenue) Created "Deal of the Week" on Tuesdays, added a few ads to see what happens

4. Limit blogging (and reading blogs) to certain hours of the day - things were getting out of hand! Not so good at this, although I'm trying!!!!

5. Do another giveaway. Halloween Tee
6. Increase blog traffic. Seems like traffic has increased, and I did start up a traffic counter, so I can track it.

Although I didn't complete everything, midway through the month my vision did change. I decided that although I would continue to blog, I wasn't going to become a slave to it - so I'm not going to actively try to increase traffic, make money, etc. I'm just going to do it for fun, when I want to ramble or share deals I've found. Kudos to the wonderful bloggers who make this their full time job, but I've already got PLENTY to do and a good paying job, so taking on something else is just too much right now.

Next month's focus is on me! More on that to come.

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