Monday, June 21, 2010

Last week of traveling!

Hard to believe our month long trip is almost at an end. We spent the weekend visiting with friends and family (everyone came to us) and so aside from two meals out, just ate in the condo. We did do great on our two dinners out:

Saturday we took our SIL and BIL to TRex as a thank you for spending her vacation with us. I had a $50 gift card from MyPoints (happy to send an invite if anyone is interested), and we used our Rainforest Cafe Safari card for a free appetizer. So, for the six of us our total out of pocket was $44 and change. Not bad!

Sunday we had friends from out of town visit and since the kids were all worn out from swimming in the pool all day we ordered pizza from Uno. They had a deal for 2 pizzas for carryout for $19.99. I had a $5 off coupon from the Entertainment Book, so it cost us $16 and change - for all eight of us! We even had leftovers which fed us lunch today.

This week we are trying to finish up the things we like to do in Orlando and haven't gotten to yet (due to our multiple nights at Sea World). We made a list this morning and have been figuring out the best days to cross items off - more on that tomorrow!

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