Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Plan your vacation week!

So, we have a list of things we want to do this week (with input from everyone - my 3 year old added "eat candy"). How to decide when to do what?

Well, there are a few restaurants we love to visit while we are here, so I looked up their phone numbers and made a quick call to see if they have any specials this week. Sure enough, five minutes later I discovered our favorite Mexican restaurant has drink specials and unlimited chips and salsa on Mondays, and our favorite Tapas restaurant has drink specials and a live band on Tuesday nights.

With that knowledge we looked at our list of activities and loosely (it is vacation after all) planned out a few scenarios for each day.

We spent yesterday by the pool and our resort had a free bounce house on Mondays, so the kids enjoyed that. Last night we had Mexican and thanks to a B1G1 coupon from our Entertainment book, the drink specials (99 cent Margaritas) and chips/ salsa deal, all four of us ate (with 4 margaritas - two each but they were small) for $26 including tip. We had a healthly blackened mahi mahi fajita dish and a simple 3 tacos with black beans and rice. Yummy and we ended up unable to eat it all! After that one of the things we wanted to do was scope out a place to stay for next year - we plan on doing something really cool and staying at Animal Kingdom. It was actually really fun to tour the resort (they even showed us a room). We walked down and looked at the animals and we were there when they were doing the music in the lobby. Our original plan was to have dessert at one of the restaurants there, but by the time we were ready it was 9:00. So, instead, we stopped at Publix, purchased a Warm Delight and made quick cakes in the room. Total spent for the day: $28.

Tomorrow night is Tapas thanks to their specials on Tuesdays - YUMMY!

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