Friday, June 4, 2010

Save money on the road

We've taken off on our month long June trip - this is something we've done the past few years. This year, I thought I'd document some of the ways we save money on the road - in real time!

So, today's big savings (and it's only 9:23 AM):

Stopped at Walgreen's on my way to "work." I had a few Register Rewards (RR) that expire Sunday - even though I'm not at home, doesn't mean I can't still play a condensed version of the drugstore game! I picked up the vitamins and Ecotrin that were on this week's RR, used my $2 Ecotrin coupon (yes I brought some of my coupons along), my expiring RR and also picked up a case of water. We leave family tonight for a condo, so we'll need some water. It was on sale for $2.99, but after my RR I paid a total of $1.61 for everything. Plus I got back $11 in RR that expire 6/18.

I wrote down in my calendar a reminder to visit Walgreen's before the 18th and use the RR for either something we need or something to roll them. There are Walgreen's where we are headed, so easy enough to swing in. I still have a $3 RR to use by Sunday, so when we arrive I'll run over for CoffeeMate and milk. The CoffeeMate, milk and water are all things we would have purchased at the grocery once we arrived at our condo, so by using my RR I've saved us at least $9!

Savings #2 for the day - while I travel I still work from Starbucks, restaurants, etc. Today I'm at ABC - because they have free coffee this morning! I still purchased a muffin (because I feel like I should give them some money for the free wireless!), but saved $1.60 on my coffee - with free refills I'm set for the morning.

Just because you're on vacation or away from home doesn't mean you can't save! More tips to follow as they happen!

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