Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Savings at the beach

We've been at the beach for the past few days. This is an EASY place to save a lot of money and still have a terrific vacation.

We would have done more than we have, but we've had an influx of the stomach flu - no fun while you are on vacation. So far everyone has had it except my husband - I guess that's one way to save a lot - don't eat! Kidding aside, we went to the grocery the first night we arrived and stocked up on food and that turned out great - we haven't gone out to eat at all since someone has always felt sick, so aside from our grocery stop we've spent nothing on food since Friday!

The beach is terrific as once you've gotten your room, the activities are free. We spend most days alternating between the ocean (which is beautiful here) and the pools. We brought sand and water toys from home, along with a great beach umbrella we purchased at Sam's Club three years ago and a few fold up chairs. Our room is so close to the ocean we don't even bother to pack food - we just run back when we get hungry.

A big plus of staying at a timeshare/ condo resort is the activities - we honestly never thought of that when we first purchased (off ebay super cheap of course), but the activities are so fun for the kids! This week alone we've enjoyed pool games, free cookies and lemonade, games at the activities center (checkers, connect 4, rock band, air hockey), bingo and more. The kids really look forward to these and most are free!

Our resort is older, but still very nice and very close to the ocean (2 min walk). Plus there is a pool right on the ocean. With two bedrooms and a full kitchen, we have everything we need. Plus, by snagging an older, but clean and well maintained location I was able to get it for a steal - including trade in and maintenance fees, this week is costing us $360.

I'll take $360 a week for sun, sand and swimming any day!

Hopefully today we'll be on the mend and I'll have some tips for saving outside the resort!

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