Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Do you like to learn?

It feels like fall this week - we actually had a 40 degree difference in temperature from Saturday to Monday. I love fall, so although that is a bit drastic, I don't really mind.

In addition to the cooler weather, fall makes me think about back to school. I love to learn, and in the past year I've really made it a point to try some new things by taking classes. Often they are only for a day or a few hours, but they really give me a chance to learn, be creative and have fun. Plus I have something new to talk about and share with my friends and family. Some that I've done just this year: jewelry making, cooking, painting, various exercise, wine tasting and now nutrition (IIN).

There are so many resources out there for new ways to learn at a low cost - I buy coupons off of Groupon, Living Social or Eversave. Often local stores offer free or low cost classes too. For instance, today I got my weekly email from Michaels craft stores and it contains a link to classes and events. Even joining a bible study or book club is a great way to learn something new!

So, in conclusion, I encourage everyone to challenge yourself to try something new this fall - maybe you'll find a new passion or hobby - but regardless you'll enjoy the novelty of learning and experiencing something different!

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