Thursday, September 29, 2011

Running behind . . .

Woke up late this morning - I guess I'll have to start setting the alarm. I like to wake up with the sun, but today there was no light at 7:00!!!

Typically when I wake up late, I feel panicked for the rest of the day. Today however, I vow to do things differently. I've looked at my to do list I created last night and I'm going to cross two things off of it. If I get them done, great, if not, no sweat!

I also made a nice breakfast (at 9:30, but still!), I'm getting my work done - one thing at a time and I'm planning on taking a 15 minute devotional break before lunch since I didn't get to it this morning.

We'll see if these small changes can turn a crazy, rushed day into a normal, relaxing day. I may even go light a candle!!!

My ebay auctions end today, and normally I'd make sure and get them all boxed up and ready to ship tomorrow, but we'll see how the day goes - some of that might happen tomorrow. A few don't have any bids yet, so it may be a small month.

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