Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Holiday Fun on a Budget

With the holiday's coming up, it's time to start thinking about how your family will spend their time. Although Christmas is a biggie, for many families Halloween, Thanksgiving and even just the Fall season are also times to celebrate. In addition, there are SO MANY events going on - how do you pick which ones to do? How do you decide how much of your entertainment money to spend? Well, here is what we do:

1. Talk as a family about which things you really want to do this year. You might be surprised at what your kids tell you. When I asked my kids, they mentioned Pumpkin Day as a must do. Pumpkin Day is a day I made up for the kids one October (changes each year as it depends upon when I have the time) where we make pumpkin pancakes for breakfast, cut up a pumpkin for seeds and have pumpkin bread for our after school snack. Cost is the price of one pumpkin! I really didn't realize they looked forward to it until I asked.

2. Once you've made your list, decide when you'll do each thing and how much it will cost.

3. Finally, try to take a few family walks or bike rides while you still can. Even a picnic at the park - those are the events you'll remember this winter when it's cold and dreary!

A few ideas of places to look for seasonal activities:
- the newspaper
- online - do a search for your location and "festivals or events"
- nearby churches and schools often offer no cost or low cost events
- check with any local museums, zoos, etc. (especially if you have an annual pass)

Enjoy the season! I'll post later this month about some of the Fall adventures we've had!

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