Thursday, October 6, 2011

Start each day with balance

How often do you wake up frazzled, start your day off in a bad mood, and just feel out of kilter before the day even gets going?

I know I used to feel like this many days. I'd wake up with my mind already racing through my to do list to figure out what to do next. I also had a lot of neck and shoulder pain on a daily basis.

Well, this summer, when I couldn't run for a while due to some health issues, I decided to try daily yoga. Nothing crazy - just a few minutes each morning stretching, relaxing and slowly wakening my mind. After my yoga I brew my coffee and move right into my current bible study (or if I'm running late, get the kids off to school and then come back to coffee and bible study).

I have to say, my experience has been astounding! I have much less pain, I tend to start each day feeling blessed and centered, and if I miss a day (which is really rare), I feel a bit off all day and I MISS the yoga.

So, how to start? It's really so simple. At first I just did a few sun salutations - as little as 10 minutes, not even bothering with my mat. I still do this if I'm traveling. Then I progressed to a guided 20 minute session DVD. The DVD I use (and highly recommend) is A.M Yoga for Every Day of the Week. Each session is 20 minutes long, perfect for a beginner, and still a great early morning warm up for a more advanced yogi.

I encourage you to give this a try - try it for a few weeks or a month and see if it makes a difference in your attitude!

This is my affiliate link, but if you aren't comfortable using it, you might try ebay or Gaiam as other ordering options - I really love this DVD and hope you will too!

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