Monday, August 16, 2010

Getting into the groove!

This has been a good start to our school year. I have been able to keep a nice, easy flow to our days and haven't overbooked us. The house has stayed fairly clean, and we've had some fun.

Now that things are moving along well, I need to get myself back into my routines. I started today with a new yoga class - it felt terrific! I also took a quick 20 minute walk after lunch. If I could incorporate some yoga and a short walk each day, I think it would help my state of mind immensely. I also found a terrific resource for massages! Call your local hospital or woman's health center and ask if they offer massages - one of ours does, and a thirty minute (heavenly) back and shoulder massage is only $30. Plus, you can't tip (I tried!). It made me feel so relaxed and content I booked one every other week for the next month.

So, in conjunction with eating better, I'll hopefully begin to add in some easy exercising and stay healthy for the remainder of the year!

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