Monday, August 9, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I've always planned our menus - helps me eliminate that 5:00 "what do we have for dinner" rush! I've found that with the changes I've made in our eating habits, planning is even more important. So, I've added another element to my weekly plan - "prep" - this helps me remember to soak beans, take meat out of the freezer, etc.

School starts this week, so having breakfast planned helps the mornings run smoothly! Lunches always consist of leftovers, sandwiches or something from the freezer (I freeze lunch size portions of larger meals).

Here's this week's "newly improved" meal plan:

Monday - brkst: zucchini-cranberry bread (YUMMY! I'll post the recipe tomorrow)
dinner: Milanese turkey cutlets, garlic zucchini & tomatoes
prep: thaw turkey breast for Wed night, make cupcakes for teachers lunch

Tuesday - brkst: eggs, smoothies
dinner: pork stir-fry (leftover pork from Sun/veggies/brown rice)
prep: soak batter for biscuits

Wednesday - brkst: whole wheat cinnamon waffles
dinner: turkey breast, green beans, potatoes, biscuits
prep: soak beans and rice

Thursday - brkst: eggs, biscuits with honey
dinner: beans and rice (w/ lettuce, cheese, sour cream, salsa)
prep: soak oatmeal

Friday - brkst: cereal/oatmeal, yogurt
dinner: turkey noodle soup
prep: soak batter for pancakes

Saturday - brkst: pancakes
dinner: leftover buffet
prep: make dish for church picnic tomorrow

Sunday - dinner: brats with peppers and onions, homemade buns

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Dark Side of the Fridge said...

It drives me nuts when I'm all ready to make something, and OOPS! I forget to soak beans!

I've finally started writing these things down, too - no matter how silly it may look on the list!