Monday, November 7, 2011

Goals for the Week

Last week I didn't set goals or use my daily to do list, and I suffered. I found myself spending too much time aimlessly browsing the internet, rushing to figure out dinner and not getting much actual work done. It was also very hard to get myself motivated.

I did get some things done - I ran every morning (which was GREAT), I made some meals for the freezer (something I've been wanting to do for a while) and I had some fun times with the kids. So, it was still overall a good week, just not a GREAT week.

So, back in the swing:

This week:

Super clean both bathrooms
Buy CD's to start backing up photos on my computer
Make photo book for Grandma's for Christmas
Participate in The Happy Day Project
B-day party Sunday for my little guy!
Clean up work emails
Post ebay items for the month
Organize paper piles in office
Menu plan for the week

Doable I think, and enough to get me feeling on top of things! Notice I didn't post my exercise or yoga? I think I can (fingers crossed) consider those habits - I've been very consistent for a few months now. If I fall off the wagon, they'll go back on the list as a to do item.

We'll see if this helps me feel more accomplished come next Monday!

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