Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Happy Day Project - Recap

What a fun and inspiring project to be a part of. I am so grateful I read about it and decided to participate. Although it was sometimes crazy to try to "fit in" each act, I was very glad after that I had done so.

Of course the many darling printables made it so easy - and what terrific ideas from everyone else who participated.

My favorite was taking the gift to my neighbor - that definitely had the most personal connection for me. Plus, it is so easy to do!!!

My kids loved selecting a gift from the Compassion Christmas Catalog. My daughter has decided that next year she wants to give a cow - because you know they always have milk!

I definitely felt grateful for the many wonderful blessings I have in my life - my children, my health, my ability to do these small things for others.

Thanks to this project, I've been inspired to try to keep going. I plan on making a monthly goal to do one small act of service each week. For the next few weeks it will be easy - there are so many opportunities around the holidays. But, after that it gets harder. So, my plan is to come up with a list of things I can do and just put them on my calendar in 2012. Hopefully that will help me keep on track - and I hope it can become something I look forward to each week!

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