Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Day Project: Day 3

Following along on the Happy Day Project from Life Rearranged . . .

Yesterday was the day to give a gift card to a homeless person. I think this is a great idea. I've always been hesitant to give money to homeless people, but since I've had kids, I have a snack bag in the car and I'll sometimes hand out a granola bar or piece of fruit. The thought of keeping a few $5 gift cards to McDonald's or someplace similar never occurred to me.

Since I don't see homeless people often, I couldn't actually pass out a card. What I could (and did) do however was purchase a few to keep in the car.

The other suggestion for the day was to shop the Compassion Christmas Catalog. I love this and I'm going to participate, but I'm going to have my kids help me select what to buy - so this part will happen tonight instead of yesterday.

Please check this out - what an easy way to spread hope without even leaving your home. And at least think about the gift cards - imagine how good you feel when you receive a gift card from a friend. Now, imagine how you would feel if it meant you'd get a warm meal and you hadn't had one in quite some time . . .

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