Monday, December 26, 2011

Preparing for the New Year - Day 1

With just a week left until next year, it is a great time to get yourself ready. With just a little bit of work each day, you can start off 2012 feeling ready to go!

My philosophy is why wait until January 1st to start fresh? Why not get a head start now? So most days this week, I'll be posting a tip with a project to work on that should help you feel ready to meet 2012.

Day 1:

Put away the Christmas presents. While you are doing this, determine if you (and your kids) will really use each gift. If not, return it today (or at least put it in a bag in your car to return later in the week). I know it's a hassle to get out and do returns, but the stores tend to be a bit more liberal this week, and instead of waiting until it's too late to do any returns, you'll feel great to have it finished!

My plan for the day is to make myself and my hubby a nice cup of coffee, put away the gifts, decide if there is anything we need today while it's on sale (wrapping paper for next year, birthday presents we'll need in the next few weeks, etc.) and then go out to conquer our returns and a little bit of needed shopping - we'll have a list which should keep us from purchasing unneeded items and by the end of the day we'll only have the new items in our house that we want or need.

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Rachel said...

I like your idea of starting fresh now :). I have been thinking along these lines myself! Found you on Money Saving Mom, and I'll be interested to see what other suggestions you have before New Years!