Monday, December 12, 2011

Share the Christmas Spirit!

Something I like to do each year is share the Christmas Spirit with the people that help out my kids daily - but maybe don't have daily interaction with them. I'm talking about the school office staff, nurse, principal, etc.

Most people do something for the teachers, but without the office staff, the schools wouldn't run - so make it a point to do a little something for them. They really appreciate it!

A few ideas:

1. Make some coffee cake and pick up a Starbucks (or local coffee shop) traveler with all the fixings - a nice little breakfast is always welcome!

2. This year, I made sugar cookies (with homemade buttercream icing) and am dropping them off this afternoon with a Starbucks traveler - who wouldn't love a little afternoon cookie and coffee break! Total cost: $14 for the coffee as I had already made the cookies for our family.

3. Pick up an inexpensive plant (Poinsettia's are nice this time of year) for them to place on the desk - they can enjoy it all month! I saw them at Meijer for $3.33 yesterday - very affordable.

4. Have your child make a card thanking them for everything they do - this can be very meaningful as they often don't feel as appreciated as the teachers.

5. A jar of candy for their desk - use all the great drugstore deals right now to fill it up!

Another thought on this - if you take food in, I'd suggest taking it the week before Christmas break starts - often the school will do special treats or breakfasts the week of break, so it's nice to spread it out a bit for them.

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