Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Deal of the week

Tough week for me dealwise - I did so well on Black Friday and I don't need to go to the grocery so I'm actually (big gasp here!) kinda shopped out . . .

So, this week, my deal is different:

When you don't need anything, don't shop. Yes, I probably could have gotten a bunch of free or nearly free stuff, but we all need a break sometimes and this week is my break. Plus, I didn't spend a dime! So, that is a bit of a deal right there!

We have been having fun each night this week decorating the house for Christmas - I'm pulling out one box at a time to keep the clutter down and the interest high for the kids. We've also been indulging in the great Christmas shows ABC has on each night! Last night was my favorite "Santa Claus is Coming to Town." Finally, this year I got my act together and wrapped up all our Christmas books (ones we already own) - each day my daughter gets to open one and we read it. It's only day three, and she is onto the routine - first thing she said this morning was "I get to open a new book today!"

Fun stuff around the house!

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