Friday, December 19, 2008

Frugal Fridays

Okay, the Chicken Florentine was WONDERFUL!!!! My husband even told me how much he liked the spinach (which he normally isn't a huge fan of).

Today my daughter doesn't have school, so I'm taking the day off and we are going to exercise, run some errands and then go to a movie. I love going to the movies, but boy can they be expensive. So, a few tips to make it more reasonable:

1. Matinee - cuts your cost by a LOT
2. Entertainment book or AAA coupons/ advance tickets - look at the bar at the top of my blog for a link to purchase the Entertainment book.
3. Sign up for the theatre frequent movie programs - they all have them
4. Sign up for the theatre newsletters

So, for example, today we are going to see Bolt. I am a member of the movie program with Goodrich (the theatre we are hitting today). We are going to the matinee, but even if we weren't I could get discounted tickets by showing my card. I also signed up for their newsletter and they have TERRIFIC coupons each week with popcorn deals. Today I can get a small drink and popcorn for $2.75 with my coupon. So our total outing will be $12.75 for the movie, popcorn and a drink to share. Not bad for a special girls day treat!

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