Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yummy dish

Okay, the Pasta with Sausage that I made for dinner last night was fantastic!!! Plus it's the perfect dish in that you can keep all the ingredients on hand and when you need a quick meal you are ready to go.

I followed the recipe in the book with a few adjustments:

I didn't feel like opening a whole bottle of wine for 1/2 cup so I omitted it and added a scoopful of the pasta water. I also didn't have any frozen artichokes, but I did have a bottle of marinated ones in the pantry, so I used that - it gave the dish a nice flavor. I used Rigatoni because that's what I had on hand, and I used dried herbs. Finally, I used a bag of the sun dried tomatoes I had made and frozen this summer from our garden excess, so they weren't packed in oil - YUM!!! Next year I'll be planting even more!

Can't wait to try to Spinach Chicken dish tonight!

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bugbear said...

For the wine:

If you get a box of wine for cooking, you can just use small amounts for the recipes and the rest doesn't go bad (because there is little oxygen in the collapsible bag of wine inside the box, and as you dispense the wine the bag shrinks down and doesn't let air in.)

Plus it's a lot cheaper, maybe at the $4 per bottle level for a $13.00 box that is the equivalent of 4 750 ml bottles of wine.