Thursday, March 6, 2008

Almost made it!

Yesterday I talked about trying to do all my errands in one day to save on gas and time - well, I almost made it. I did go around today and complete all my errands which was great and because I had everything planned out I made it to the bank, Walmart to drop off film, the scrapbook store, Linen's & Things, Walgreens, CVS and the gas station in an hour and a half! But, last night at 8:00 as we were getting stuff ready for preschool I realized the playdoh my DH and DD had made wasn't going to cut it - it was just too sticky. Since we were due to bring in playdoh and I was now out of salt and cream of tartar from the first batch, I had to run over to Marsh to buy more ingredients. Next time I'll check my pantry before the weekly shopping to make sure I have plenty of those basics! Hopefully I can do a better job with errand day next week - I've got it planned for Wed since I'll be out of town on Thursday so I'm going to start adding things to my calendar as I think of where I need to go and what I need to get.

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