Wednesday, March 19, 2008

As planned, I did all my errands yesterday. Today I was tempted to run over to Chick Fil A for their free Wednesday breakfast, but I didn't. I've found that I can get caught up in getting a good deal and end up wasting time or energy on something I don't need. For example, I didn't have anything else to do over by Chick Fil A, so it would have been a waste of gas and time for a couple of dollars of something free that I don't even need to eat - I have plenty of food in the house. Likely I would have stopped somewhere else nearby too - might have spent more money on something I don't need. Finally, odds are good if I was out I would have bought a cup of coffee too! So, by NOT doing a bargain I think I came out ahead. This is a real struggle for me - I love a good deal.

Today my goal is going to be to clean up my office - it's a mess and I think I'd be more productive if I had it in better shape! I also bet I have some rebates or coupons loaded up in the inbox that I could get through if I just took the time!

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Rachel and Jacob said...

Ooo i totally understand the struggle!
I get so frustrated if I let a Good coupon expire or miss out on a afree somthing day !!!