Thursday, March 20, 2008

My office looks great - when I left for the night (which just means going downstairs since I work from home), the desk was cleared, the planner open to the next day and the projects I need to work on set to go for tomorrow! Plus, I found four rebates to send out, so I took care of that too!

Today my goal is to get ready for the Easter weekend now - I have plenty of candy and small toys I've been stockpiling from my recent trips to CVS and Walgreens, along with a couple of stuffed animals. If I dig out my Easter tote from last year, I bet I have everything else I need to make a great Easter for my kids with zero out of pocket! My MIL bought my DD a beautiful Easter dress, and my son a shirt and sweater vest - the pants were too big, but I think instead of buying a new pair, I'll just put him in his little khaki cords - it's still cold here and at 16 months, he could care less! I'm also not going anywhere today - saving on gas and spending money that way!

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