Monday, March 31, 2008

What a weekend!

Whew! We were busy. It was my DD's birthday party (4) and she had another party to go to Sunday, then dinner at Red Lobster (her favorite) with the family for a final birthday celebration.

We did a great job of saving money on everything though! For the entire weekend of fun we only spent money on Sunday night's dinner (and at least used a coupon and split two meals for the four of us)!

Her party was terrific and while they are little you can save so much money on birthday parties! My DD had a great time at the party Sunday, it was at one of those Bounce Zone places, but you know, she had just as much fun at her party (as did all the kids) and I spent less than $25 - and that was a splurge!!!

Here's how I did it:

She wanted a specific theme for her party and wouldn't you know it the party store didn't have it, so I did a little research online and found the best prices at Birthday Direct. I ordered a cake topper, little plates and napkins, cups, goodie bags, invitations and thank you cards and sticker sheets - enough for the 8 little girls that would be at the party. This was my big spluge for $20. Then I decorated the house with streamers and balloons we already had, used forks and ice cream we had at home, and made a chocolate cake that I then decorated with the cake topper, some icing and some mini m&m's left over from Easter. Finally, I filled the goodie bags with Polly Pockets (all free from the great deal last fall), little Princess frisbees (from CVS after Christmas - $1 total), a Cindarella Fruit snack ($.50 for the box at Meijer last week with a coupon) and a baggie of M&M's from CVS ($.50 for the whole bag from the deals last month). So, $22 out of pocket, plus a few extra to cover the food I used from the freezer and pantry. We played games, the kids played in the basement, played with playdoh and colored pictures. I'll keep doing these parties as long as I can!

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