Saturday, March 8, 2008

Fun Family Day

We had a fun family day - this one tied right into my title of saving money and being happy! We got up early and headed down to the local childrens' museum. The admission is $44 for a family of 4, or $33.50 for our family (since DS is still under 2). We bought an annual family pass + 2 for $95 last year (it was $100, but since I bought two years at once I saved $5 a year). So, we took another family with us. Total cost for all of us out of pocket would have been $67, plus the $8 in ride tickets which were free with our membership. This is the third time we've been this year, so we figure we are already in the black! Plus, with the membership we don't feel like we have to stay all day - we can leave before the kids start getting cranky. We packed lunches to avoid the expensive and unhealthy food court food. We had a great time and it didn't cost us a dime today! Then on the way home we stopped at CVS for my weekly bargain trip ($7.57 out of pocket, $11 back in ECB, enough hershey points for 2 movie tickets and a rebate to send in for $4.59). For dinner we did a mystery shop in a nearby suburb. Total cost for the entire day was $7.77 - we went 20 cents over the reimbursement for the shop.


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Amydeanne said...

wow. what a deal! :)

Hope you're enjoying the UBP!

Rachel and Jacob said...

yeah I love reading about good deals!!!

I post some too...
nice to meet you from the blog party!!

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Meredith said...

I nenjoy hearing you describe your day in pennies! I thought I was the only one that did that! A bargain is always a great accomplishment!