Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Changing Habits

I have discovered that it is so easy to get into habits that cost us money. For instance, I will go months making my morning coffee - I even know how to make just about any Starbucks drink at home, and then all of a sudden I find myself going out every morning to pick up a latte or just running into Speedway for a coffee. Another habit I am trying hard to break is running out to do one errand. My new goal for March is to limit my errands to one day a week - this should save gas as well as keep me from buying just because I'm out. It's only day 5 and I already feel like I need to run to the bank - but do I really? Tomorrow is my "designated errand day" and surely I can wait until tomorrow . . . I'm really amazed at how hard this one is for me (as I sit here at my computer drinking a Starbucks . . .)

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