Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Frugal Birthday Plans

Tomorrow is DH's birthday. He states he doesn't want anything - don't you hate that??? So, we are going to have a fun family night without breaking the bank.

First, my DD and I are going to make him a cake - she has big plans on what it's going to look like (she's 4), so I'll let her take the lead. Then she has swim class - it's been a year since she's done this, so we'll all go to watch. Afterwards, it's off to Red Robin for dinner. Since her birthday was a few weeks ago and DH's is tomorrow, we have coupons for a free burger and a free kids meal. All we'll need to add is drinks and we'll have plenty of food - don't worry, we'll leave a nice tip - even when we spend less than the norm, we make sure our tips is what is should be based upon what the cost would have been. Next, across the street to Coldstone Creamery for his free ice cream - that will be plenty for all four of us, but we may end up buying my DD her own kids size - we'll see. Finally, DH and I will pick up our free coffees from Starbucks - we got these great little cards from USA Today when we were traveling last week that gave us a free tall coffee every Wednesday through May 28th. Whew! It will be a great night! Tomorrow I'll post our actual cost.

Today for anti procrastinating week I'm going to finish the work project I'm dreading - I started it yesterday but today I will finish!

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