Friday, April 4, 2008

My list of 10

Here is my list of ten fun things to do over Spring Break:

1. Take the kids to the park for a picnic
2. Visit the zoo - we haven't been there since Fall because it's been cold
3. Kids are off to Grandmas for a few nights and DH and I are going to use some hotel points to visit a nearby city.
4. Go to the library for new books and movies
5. Go out for breakfast as a family - this is something we NEVER do!
6. Do a craft project with my DD
7. Plan a "free" day - magazines to sell at the half price bookstore, use a GC for lunch, utilize any "free" coupons, etc.
8. Have a game night with popcorn and board games
9. Visit a local park that is having a kids program one afternoon (bringing in animals)
10. Do some baking with my DD - she loves this!

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