Friday, April 25, 2008

Healthy Eating Goals

So, I promised I would state some of my goals for my healthy eating month. Although I wouldn't mind losing those last five pounds of baby weight (from 17 months ago - lol), my bigger concern is staying healthy. It just seems like the last few years I've had lots of little health issues - and I never used to have any. I can't help but feel that by eating better I could avoid some of those!

I've been doing a lot of research on healthy eating plans, various articles on the best "super foods" to eat, etc. So far, I am most interested in the Sonoma Diet. It emphasizes good, fresh food with a variety of whole grains, fruits, vegetables and meats. It also allows for good fats like olive oil, and an occasional spluge on wine, coffee and dark chocolate. It sounds like something you could do for your whole life and the recipes sound wonderful!!! So unless something else pops up as a better guideline, I'll probably try the first two weeks of May sticking pretty close to it and then the last two weeks tweaking it for my own personal needs.

So, back to my goals:

1 - be healthy and a good role model for my children
2 - less sweets, more fruits and vegetables
3 - more whole foods versus mixes
4 - more whole grains versus white bread, rice, pasta, etc.
5 - eliminate as much high fructose corn syrup as possible
6 - increase my water intake (versus diet pop and coffee)

Although I'll be talking a lot about this topic during the next few weeks and May, I'm sure there will also be posts on saving money, finding good deals, travel and all the other things that matter to me!

On that note, yesterday was the grand opening of our Stein Mart - I don't usually shop there because I think their prices are still high even with their "discount." However, they were giving away $250 and $500 gift cards, and since I had to run to DHL for work anyway, I thought I'd stop by. I have to say, their petite department is terrific - really great quality and a lot of nice styles. I didn't buy anything, but I will go back when stuff starts to hit the clearance racks. I didn't win the gift cards either, but I did end up scoring big!

Next door was a new JCPenney and I thought since I was there I'd walk over. I found a few terrific deals! I picked up a shirt for my little boy for next fall for $2.97!!! Then, in their petite department, I found a pair of jeans that looked and fit great for $9.97 - I was thrilled, especially since I just ripped a hole in the knees of one of my current pairs. I also picked up a nice argle Liz & Co sweater for $9.97 - it will be perfect for next fall and winter. So, I got myself a new outfit and my son a new shirt for around $25 - can't beat it.

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