Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Why do we procrastinate?

Why do we procrastinate? The work project I've been putting off? Took me an hour to finish. One hour! I bet I've been thinking about doing it for two or three hours total! Just goes to show that if you can make yourself get started it usually doesn't take long to complete what you are dreading!

Today, the task I set for myself was cleaning off the bookcase in my office. I got thru half of it and it looks great - made a big difference. I'll finish it up tomorrow. Then Friday hit the rest of the piles. My goal for the week is to make my office a clean, functional place to work!

Getting ready to take off for our fun Daddy's Birthday Adventure! My DD and I made a football and a baseball cake for him today - those were her ideas. They actually turned out pretty cute, and I didn't have a chocolate cake mix, so instead of running to the store, I opened a cook book (Barefoot Contessa at Home) and made the most wonderful chocolate cake!!! It didn't take much longer than the mix and man is it rich and moist.

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