Monday, June 23, 2008

Exercise resource!!!

I just found a great new resource for exercise videos at no charge! If you have cable TV with On Demand, there is no additional fee to go to the On Demand section and download workout videos. There is a section called Exercise TV (I think) and there are dozens of workouts there - everything from Biggest Loser to Gaiam. I went specifically to the section "Yoga and Pilates" as I'm trying to add stretching into my weekly routine. I have several yoga videos, but was in the mood for something new. There were about a dozen to choose from - I selected one and had a great 20 minute yoga session.

What a great resource for evenings or mornings when there is nothing on TV - just download a video and get a quick workout in! Just like regular On Demand, the shows change regularly so there should always be something new.

I plan on testing out a few of the other yoga routines this week to round out my month of concentrating on physical fitness!

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