Friday, June 13, 2008

Heading Home

Well, after three weeks on the road we are slowly heading home. Stopping to visit friends tonight and tomorrow, then home on Sunday.

We learned a few things by being gone for so long:

1. We really can make due with fewer clothes - I only packed seven outfits for each of us and I never wished I had more or other clothing.
2. We can eat well and cheaply on the road.
3. We can continue to exercise while traveling.
4. We don't need much to be happy - we actually were talking yesterday that we could keep going for a few more weeks. It will be nice to be home, but it's been great to have no house responsibilities, few possessions, and lots of free time!
5. There are some things we can continue when we return to keep that "stress free - vacation" state of mind - I'll talk more about that in my next post.

I am dreading the mail pile I will receive on Monday! But I am looking forward to getting back into the savings game. We did one deal last night that Sears is offering for this week only - buy $100 worth of Dockers, send in a form and get a $75 gas card from Shell. My DH needs new pants for school next year anyways, so we stocked up last night and since you can do two per household (one per person) we did the deal twice! Here's the link:

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