Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Exercise update

Well, this is my week to focus on strength training. In the past, I've been successful doing this at night after the kids are in bed while I'm catching up on TV. So, I stuck my weights behind the couch and am attempting three times a week.

I did find another wonderful exercise resource this week - I really think this one was an answer to a prayer. Lately I've been wanting to get more involved in my church, and of course I've been wanting to workout. Low and behold last week in my regular church email was an announcement about a kickboxing class held twice a week - with devotionals done before and prayer after. I went for the first time last night and it was great! I am sore today! I signed up for ten weeks hoping that would be long enough to get me in the routine. I guess you never know where and when you'll get the (literal) kick you need to get going!

Plus, on the frugal side, it's only $5 a class! That's one less latte a week, so won't hurt the budget and should help my waistline!

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