Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Free Coffee!!!

I'm at Starbucks getting a bit of work done this morning - amazing how productive I can be away from home! They have a great promo if you register your Starbucks card before July 14 you'll get a coupon in the mail for a free coffee. I registered both myself and my DH a few weeks ago and our coupon came last week - free date night!!!

I have two more Starbucks cards given to my DH as thank you's, so I'm going to register my mom and dad - they have a Starbucks within walking distance too, so I'm sure they'd enjoy a free night out.



alicia. said...

Just registered with a gift card I got at Christmas. Thanks a ton for the info!

phoward336 said...

Alicia, you are welcome - I'll continue to share any good Starbucks deals I find - anything to help lower the cost is helpful . . .