Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Deal of the week!

Not quite as many "freebies" as in past weeks, but here are my two favorite deals:

1. CVS - although it's not free, this one is for a great price for something I need: Purex is on sale for $2.99 a bottle. Buy two and use the $1.00 off 2 coupon from Sunday's paper. You'll get $2 back in ECB. You can do this 5 times, so I'll buy four and spend $6 (after ECB) - I use the HE which is hard to find for a good price, so I'll take $1.49 a bottle!

2. JCPenney - yesterday in the mail I got a coupon for a free bare minerals sample and brush from the Sephora shop in our new JCPenney - I had a mystery shop at that mall, so I stopped in and picked up the sample - it's a decent size and something I have been wanting to try!

Please post a comment if you know of any other great deals I shouldn't miss! Thanks!

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