Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Favorite Weekly Deals!

I couldn't come up with a cute link to Tuesday for this, but I didn't think anyone really cared - if it's a good deal, then post it! I've decided to post these on Tuesday - that will give everyone plenty of time to go out and replicate the deal themselves! So, for this week, there are a couple REALLY good deals out there:

Walgreen's: I did two transactions at Walgreen's and was able to stock up on Shout - which we go through like water around here . . .

1st transaction: 3 Robitussin Cough Syrup at $3.99 each - I used 3 - $3 coupons, so my total was $3.12. Out printed a $10 on your next purchase Catalina coupon.

2nd transaction: 7 bottles of Shout at $2.49 each - here I used 7 - 75cent coupons from a recent paper insert and the $10 Catalina from the last deal. My total was $2.79. As a bonus, another $10 Catalina printed out, so I think I'll use that for part of the monthly Walgreen's rebates.

Total spent: $5.91 for 7 bottles of Shout and 3 cough syrups

Target: My favorite cereal for 25 cents a box!!! Here's how I did it.

I purchased 4 boxes of Kashi Go Lean Crunch at 4/ $11. I used $5.00 in coupons that I had received from Vocal Point. You might also be able to score some from the Kashi website (I haven't checked it lately, so no guarantees). Then, I used my $5 Target Gift card from last week's deal on PopTarts. So, $1 OOP.

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