Saturday, September 6, 2008

Week 1 September recap & Favorite Deal

Well, week 1 went well - our Master Bedroom and Bath are clean and organized. The one area I am only halfway done with is the linen closet - I'm up to the third shelf and I think I can finish the rest by the end of the weekend! Next week is the family room, dining room and closets (linen, hall and laundry). A bit less cleaning and a bit more organizing in store.

I also thought I'd start highlighting my favorite deal of the week. I think I'll do it on Fridays so there is still time for anyone reading to go and complete it also.

This week I had several really good ones, but I think my favorite was all the free lipstick at CVS. The Covergirl Outlast lipstick is on sale B1G1 free and I had four of the B1G1 free coupons from Sunday's P&G Saver. So, eight free lipsticks! Obviously I don't need eight lipsticks, so I picked up a variety of colors: two to keep, two to add to the garage sale pile (at $1 each that will cover tax) and four to add to the woman's shelter pile.

There is one other deal I'll mention because there is still time to run out and do it today! Target has poptarts on sale at 4 for $9. We try not to eat too many poptarts around here, but I don't mind a few in the pantry for last minute snacks or if we don't have time for a proper breakfast. I used two of the $1/2 Kellogg's coupon that came a few weeks ago (I'm sorry I don't remember the insert). Then print 4 of the 50 cents off poptarts coupons on the Target coupon generator (courtesy of Target coupons So, we are at $5 after coupons. Well, when you buy 4 poptarts you get a $5 gift card - so your poptarts are free! To make the deal even sweeter - look for the boxes with tokens for books. This deal gave me four tokens - it's one book per household so I was able to get two books - one for my household and one for my mom's - perfect for a Christmas gift for the kids - they'll each get a new book! Even if you don't have the Kellogg's coupon, you could get four boxes of poptarts, two books and a $5 gift card for $3!!!

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