Saturday, September 27, 2008

Frugal Fridays!

Okay, well I'm a day late, but I do have a great frugal tip:


We have several great family oriented places nearby (zoo, living history museum, children's museum) that we really enjoy taking the kids to. All of them have year round activities as well as many special events. To save money, we buy an annual membership to all three!

Example: Last weekend the living history museum was having a "country fair." Admission for the four of us would have been $26. We hadn't purchased a membership to this place yet as we hadn't had to pay for the kids until this year. A year long membership is $60. And this place is ten minutes from our house! So, we purchased the membership, enjoyed the day (even got a free chocolate covered marshmallow treat for buying our pass) and didn't spend a dime more than the membership (I had packed our lunch ahead of time).

Next month they have a special Halloween event, so we'll be hitting that one for sure - another $26 saved. Then come November we would have to start paying for our son, so the one trip price will rise to $33. By our third trip we'll be well over the $60 we paid in savings.

With three memberships we can easily visit each place once or twice a month and as long as I pack our lunches we won't spend anything except the gas to get there!

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Carrie J said...

Memberships are a great deal. You might check and see if membership there gets you into other museums. Our zoo membership got us into zoos in different cities and our local childrens museum membership got us into several different museums in the area.