Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Deal of the Week

Two great deals this week!

Culver's - $1 Butter Burger is Today! We are going to go over there for dinner(it's 5 min from home) , pick up a burger for each of us and take them home to enjoy with my homemade oven fries:

Oven Fries:
Clean and slice several potatoes (don't need to peel)
Toss lightly with some olive oil
Place on foil on a cookie sheet
Sprinkle with McCormick's Montreal Steak Seasoning
Roast in the oven at 425 until crispy outside and soft inside

Walgreen's - this one is a moneymaker! The Glade Wisp Flameless Candles are on sale this week for $5.99. In one of the ads a few weeks ago (either last week or the week before) there is a $5/1 coupon. So, your out of pocket cost is $.99. But - when you purchase one you'll get a Register Reward for $3 off your next purchase. You have to buy them one at a time to get a Register Reward for each of them, but still it's a little under $2 profit on each! (taking into account tax).

If you have the $2/1 Glade scented candle holder coupons, they are on sale for $3.99, so with the coupon would be $1.99 - and there is a rebate in the EasySaver this month for $2 off (up to 2), so they end up free. I'm going to use my $3 RR from yesterday to buy one of these and add on toilet paper or a sponge to get my total over $3.00. That way I'll be getting the rebate merchandise with no out of pocket cost and getting something I need for almost free!

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