Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saving Money with Baked goods

I love to bake - muffins, breads, cookies, you name it, I love to make it. However, in my family with just my husband, myself and two small kids we often can't eat a whole batch of something before it tastes stale! So, after I've made something, I pull out what we will eat in the next few days and then freeze the rest. If it's bread, I slice it, freeze the slices on a cookie sheet and then combine into a ziplock - same for muffins, cookies, etc.

I've found that if I pull out a slice of something or a muffin as soon as I get up, by the time my coffee is made and I'm showered and dressed, it's thawed out enough to eat. This is a terrific time and money saver on days I have to leave the house early or just don't have time to make breakfast! It also allows me to bake whenever I want, and have a nice variety of baked goods on hand in the freezer.

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