Wednesday, August 27, 2008

August Goals update

Well, I didn't accomplish everything (but it was pretty ambitious) mostly because my job got out of control - I logged an actual 63 hours last week - that means any free time was strictly spent with my family. Hopefully things will slow down next month. But, regardless, here are my goals and an update:

1. Office:

Find a chair - there is a perfect spot in the front of my office for a nice big chair and a half. This would be a great spot to take a quick work break, read late at night without bothering my DH or for my kids to read books while I work. We found one, just waiting for it to go on sale!

Rearrange furniture - I have a floorplan, just need to take the time to do it. I moved most of it, but I haven't flipped the desk yet - I'm not sure I want to actually.

Clean up the piles - there are about four or five "piles" that need sorted, put away, etc. As I look around, I only see two piles left - so definite progress!

Sort and purge files - didn't get to this one

2. Scrapbooking:
Put all old pictures in albums (not scrapbook, just put them in photo albums) Halfway done!

Sort & purge supplies Progress, but not finished

Finish organizing supplies in the credenza in the office - this is where I am currently keeping the bulk of my supplies and I'd like to get them all in there Progress, but not finished

Buy plastic page protectors, pages and put together all the finished pages in an album Purchased two sets, need to buy two more - waiting for more coupons!

Create space on the bookshelf for an "idea book/ files/ etc." Haven't done this one yet.

Actually, not bad overall - based on how busy I've been, I'm pretty pleased. I'm still very happy with my monthly focus plan Monthly Focus - it has been nice to really focus on one area of my life each month. September is deep cleaning and organizing the house and that couldn't come at a better time - things are way out of control!!!

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