Friday, August 15, 2008

Frugal Friday

I thought I'd join Crystal and the other ladies over at in Frugal Friday today.

I make myself a pot of coffee every morning - usually I drink most of it, but yesterday got away from me and I only drank half the pot. Sometimes if I don't drink it all I freeze some of it in ice cube trays to add to homemade coffee drinks. Yesterday I didn't even do that. So, this morning I got up to make my coffee and realized in my extreme laziness I hadn't even emptied the pot. I almost threw it out, but I do buy fairly expensive coffee (one of my little luxuries) and it's a hot day, so I grabbed some coffee cubes from the freezer, put them into my Magic Bullet, poured the rest of the coffee in, added some skim milk, some French Vanilla Coffeemate and blended it up.

Sweet caffeine . . . for something I was going to pitch in the trash!

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Minimalist Mommy said...

I love doing this. Sometimes I just pour it into a mug in the fridge and later add milk and syrup of some kind. Really quick..