Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Back home!

Whew! After a full day of traveling yesterday - it's not easy flying across the country with two little ones, we are back home. Since I have a stack of mail to go thru, five or so piles of laundry to deal with, and my actual job to get caught up on, my hubby took the kids to his doctor's appointment, McDonald's for lunch and then the grocery store. I'm pretty scared about the grocery store bit - I sent him with a list and the corresponding coupons, so we'll see how he does . . .

Tomorrow is our 15 year anniversary. My mom is coming up for the day to watch the kids so we can do something special. I've been so busy I haven't planned it out yet, but I guarantee it will be frugal and fun!

I'm also going to attack one of my August goals today. I'm going to sort and put away two of the piles in my office.

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