Sunday, August 10, 2008

Need more coupons?

It's nice to have multiples of the good coupons - that's how you can really get the great deals! I'm not keen on buying them online (although I have in the past) and I don't have any friends or family that will give me their inserts. I'm not into dumpster diving and I haven't gotten up the nerve to try to work out a deal with one of the gas stations. In the past, I've always just bought an extra paper if there are enough good coupons to cover the cost of the additional paper.

Luckily for me Village Pantry (VP) has a terrific new promotion. For every $15 of gas you purchase you can get a free paper. I don't know if this deal is at all of it's locations, but all the VP's near me are running this special. So, we've been waiting until Sunday to get gas. Then, we make several stops. On the way home from church we'll stop at the VP near church, put $15 in, I run in and get a paper and then my husband pulls up to another pump, puts another $15 in and he runs in to get another paper.

We have two other vehicles and a VP very close to our house, so we make two more trips over for two more papers - one per vehicle. That gives me a total of 5 sets of coupons every week! Score!!! My husband figured out it costs 30 cents more per $15 than the gas station across the street, so in reality I am paying 30 cents for the paper. I can do that! I am running into the problem of coupon storage though! My little coupon folders can't handle all the wealth!!!

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