Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Greeting Cakes

You may have noticed the link on the side of my blog to the Greeting Card Cakes - I thought I'd take a quick moment to explain. These are little microwave cakes (like Warm Delights) that you can send in place of a card - they come complete with cake mix, icing, sprinkles, a tiny spoon and a candle. It's a fun way to brighten someone's day and you can order them with a ton of different designs. They would also be a great fundraiser.

My daughter really likes them (she's a big baker already at 4!) so I signed up to "sell" them, just to get a ready supply for her to give to her friends as part of their birthday gifts. I thought they were so cool I figured I'd add a link to my blog in case anyone out there needs an unusual (and inexpensive) gift. So, take a look if you are interested!

Tomorrow I'll share my progress on the August goals - I didn't accomplish them all, but I did make a difference! Thursday will be the last of the Travel Thursday series and Friday I think I'll share my goals and plans for September.

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